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4D Meditation Bundle

$158.00 USD

The ideal wellness bundle for women! With help from Whisper Bluetooth Meditation Earphones and Mist aroma diffuser tuning out the real world has become easier than ever.

You’ll find a new balance between mind and body with help from our Mind, Body and Soul Essential Oil set that we are including as a FREE gift with the purchase of this bundle. This bundle also comes with curated 4D meditations available in the Bellabeat app.

  • What's Included

    Mist Aroma Diffuser
    Whisper Bluetooth Meditation Earphones
    Essential Oils (Lavender,Eucalyptus, Orange)

    Discover Your Inner Peace

    There are many factors of modern life that cause stress and can throw you off balance. To help you restore this balance to your life, we have created a special 4D Meditation experience, that will help you discover the inner peace you are craving.

  • Perception

  • Sound

  • Scent

  • Space

Add Another Dimension To Your Relaxation

All it takes to add another dimension to your relaxation practice is: the right sounds, a safe space to relax in, dedicating some me-time, and being surrounded by the perfect scent.

Keeping this in mind we’ve created the ideal meditation experience that you can fully enjoy even if you’ve never meditated before!

Our 4D meditations are based on binaural beats that target specific areas of the brain. To ensure you can immerse yourself into the sound we designed Whisper Bluetooth Meditation Earphones. You can create your own Zen oasis no matter where you are with help from Mist aroma diffuser and our Essential oil set. That way you have all the tools you need to make even a little me-time feel like a lot!

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