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water bottle

The only bottle to track and calculate the hydration your body needs.

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The smart way to
stay hydrated

  • Hydration tracking

    Effortless and easy. Automatically logs your water intake as you drink throughout the day.

  • Tailored intake goals

    Tailored to you. Spring calculates your hydration needs based on activity, sleep, monthly cycle, stress sensitivity and more.

  • Drinking reminders

    No more forgetting. Get notified when it’s time to drink based on your tailored intake goal.

Powered to know
what you need

From where you live to how active you are, your body’s hydration needs are unique. Spring tracks your drinking habits and uses AI technology to give you tailored hydration goals based on your lifestyle.

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Make it your own

Add your personal touch by choosing your favorite rubber grip and lid color.

on the go

Perfectly sized to take it wherever you go.
Fits your lifestyle. Fits you.

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  • Glass

  • BPA-

  • Dishwasher

  • Perfectly

  • No


A balance of beautiful and functional

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