The Most Advanced
Baby Heartbeat Listener

Listen, record, and share your baby’s heartbeat.

It's Groundbreaking Technology.

An Experience
Unlike Any Other.

Shell merges the technology of tomorrow with age-old midwifery practices passed down through the ages and brings you the world’s most advanced non-invasive baby heartbeat listener.



smart sound

real-time data



This is such an important time in our lives and we are so grateful we can record moments. I don’t want to miss a single moment.

Shell is completely amazing! It’s safe for both baby and me, I cannot recommend it enough.

My baby’s heartbeat is the most beautiful sound in the world.

The first time I used Shell I cried from joy.

Enjoy the Special Moment From the Comfort of Your Home.

Hearing your little one is a blessing you can enjoy in your own home between doctor's appointments. Take a quiet moment for just the two of you without leaving the comfort of your bed. No schedules.

The Safest Way to Listen to Your Baby.

Using the non-invasive technology rather than ultrasound technology to hear your baby’s heart makes Shell completely safe to use for both mom and her baby.

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A Peace Of Mind.

Monitoring your baby’s movement is recommended by obstetricians. Keeping track of your child’s kicks daily can alert you to any sudden changes in activity and to your baby’s well-being.

A Sound Beyond Compare.

Shell was designed using the most revolutionary breakthroughs in sound engineering to push beyond the limits of your phone, and bring you the loudest and clearest way to hear your baby’s heartbeat.


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