Paving the Path to Future
Through Innovation.

How It Works.

Shell connects to your iPhone and is supported by an app to bring you the best and safest way of listening to your baby’s heartbeat. Combining the centuries-old method of the Pinard horn - used to pick up a baby's heartbeat naturally, and pairing it with the latest breakthroughs in sound engineering, Shell works to filter out background noise and amplify the sound of your baby's heart. No interfering sounds, just your baby’s heartbeat.

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Technology That Connects Us.

Shell was inspired by the Pinard horn, a tool used by doctors and midwives ever since the 19th century. It functions similarly to an ear trumpet by amplifying sound, and this makes it safe to use at any time. Unlike doppler devices, the Pinard horn doesn’t use invasive ultrasound waves to pick up the baby’s heartbeat and we wanted to bring the unobtrusive method and safety to expectant parents and combine it with modern technology.

Technology today gives us the power to connect more than ever before, no matter where we are and how far away our loved ones are. We want moms-to-be to be able to connect with their baby and share something as special as the pregnancy experience.

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Shell's innovation lies in merging the traditional techniques that have been used in prenatal care for centuries with the advances in modern technology. Years of research stand behind our advanced algorithms that work to filter and enhance sound to ensure every listening experience is an enjoyable one, without the interference of background noise.

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