Well-being reimagined.

Yes, it's a health tracker, but unlike any you've ever imagined. It was built to help you find your true, powerful, healthy, confident and amazing self.

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Women today are more active than ever. Leaf acts as an activity and step tracker by giving you information about all your daily activities, steps taken and calories burned. You can also add custom activities in the app, because every activity counts.

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Being active is just halfway to reaching your full potential. To overcome fears and stress, you need to learn how to calm your mind and bring it into focus. Leaf guides you and teaches you how to train your mind with guided meditation exercises.




We spend one third of our lives sleeping. Leaf tracks your movement during the night, the duration and quality of your sleep. With graphic visualizations in the app, sleep monitoring helps you understand what your body’s going through during the night.

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Your menstrual cycle is unique and can say a lot about your health. That’s why it’s important to track it. Leaf’s period tracking feature and fertility calendar help you prepare for “those days of the month” by predicting your periods, counting your fertile days and giving you valuable feedback about your reproductive health. Know and understand your body’s rhythms and cycles.

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Our activity levels, sleep quality and reproductive health all affect how stressed we feel. By monitoring these elements Leaf can create an overview of your lifestyle and detect patterns that may cause stress before it swoops in on you.

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Bellabeat app.
Be better every day.

The app provides a simple visual snapshot of your daily activity, sleep, meditation, stress prediction and periods. With five tabs telling you everything you need to know about your daily progress, you can compare activities and learn what you need to improve in your life.

activity, sleep, meditation, stress prediction and periods

Smart notifications.

You'll know when you feel it. Leaf Nature is designed to create healthy habits by giving you reminders at the same time every day.

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Individual feedback.

Leaf Nature is designed with customizable coaching reminders that help you reach your goals every day, and it uses your success to motivate you to pursue new achievements.

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designed to know you
Innovation in every interaction.

We wanted to make interacting with the Leaf Nature just as easy and intuitive as using a product without technology. Just wear it. That's all. There are no buttons, no screens. There's only your body and your mind.

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The technology engine with Nature in mind.

Packed with highly sensitive movement sensors and with a secure data backup, the Leaf Nature runs 24/7. While you're sleeping, while you're meditating, while you're being active. There is no need to charge it since the battery lasts up to 6 months.

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We believe in a future where technology is invisible, empowering and creates a positive experience

no charging

Battery lasts up to 6 months and can easily be replaced when exhausted.

cloud storage

Get an overview of your daily habits and track your improvement through time.


Leaf tracks your data and can store up to 14 days worth of it.

wireless sync

Sync the information in a safe and easy way.

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Fitness trackers seem to want to help you lose weight, while the Leaf helps you be healthier all around.


Why wear a plain old fitness tracker when beautiful jewelry can offer similar functionality?


The Bellabeat Leaf
 isn't an ordinary activity tracker.


Forget diamonds, you'll want these smart jewelery pieces instead.


This unique tracker isn't about fitness - it's about you.


Bellabeat's Leaf is the only piece of smart jewelry we're still wearing.